“Harry did a great job instructing the class. He was very engaging and made the class enjoyable. His tips and tricks for taking the exam were useful.”

“Great Instructor. Did not rush us and made sure everyone understood the problems.”

“Awesome class! And he gave lots of other valuable information in regards to preparing for the exam in general.”

“Dr. Friebel did an excellent job instructing us on difficult subject areas in the time alloted. I wished my college professors taught this well.”

“Harry was the best instructor that I’ve experienced with the School of PE. He has an excellent way of relating the material and kept the lectures interesting. He surpassed all of my expectations.”

“Outstanding, answered all my questions.”

“I wish my college professor communicated as well!”

“Great instructor, and totally worth the money! Gave the students attending some good tips and tricks for the PE exam as well.”

“Learned a lot from Mr. Friebel, there were some subjects that were taught in a manner that provided me with a better understanding than how I learned in school.”

“Enjoyable class, harry was a very good communicator.”

“I enjoyed the class this weekend. The instructor was enthusiastic and provided tips and strategies on test taking. It has been a long time since I studied fluids/hydraulics and this class brings more into focus what areas I have to work on. These tips and strategies and other insights from someone who was also a student at the school of PE might be made into a video recording for future use.”

“Job well Done!!!!!!!!!”

“Dr. Friebel was amazing! He gave some awesome tips for the exam.”

“He did an excellent job of going over general exam topics and giving us tips on taking the exam.”

“The Instructor was great in explaining the subject matter and also test taking tips as well.”

“The professor was very knowledgeable and went out of his way to train us for the exam. Gave us great study tools and recommendations!”

“Instructor was exceptional! I am a structures guy and water/environ makes my head hurt. By the end of Sunday I was actually excited to sit down and work water problems!”

“Excellent Class, the class notes was very clear and the lecture was very interesting and same time entertaining (mean to say not boring). Apart from the course lecture, just loved the test taking tips given. I found the class to be very inspiring. Thank You!”

“Excellent teacher, did a very good job of relaying the material. What i liked about the professor was that he was able to provide us with priceless test taking tips that I may not have thought of myself.”

“Great work, in addition to the WR/E information, he was giving tips on exam taking and preparation, which is invaluable.”

“Great instructor.”

“Excellent teacher.”

“Dr. Friebel was a very good instructor and was very good at breaking the concepts down so that they were easier to understand.”

“The instructor did a great job explaining all the material. He gave us plenty of examples and tricks to understand concepts.”

“One of the best professors. Extremely clear to understand and very knowledgeable.”

“Instructor had some very good test taking tips, which he took the time to explain and really go over!!! Planning on using every tip provided. Thank you for the pleasure of 14 hrs of anger followed by a moment of ohhhh that’s how it’s done.”

“I thought Dr. Friebel was not only the best teacher at the School of PE so far, but one of the best teachers I have ever had.”

“Very informative on test taking techniques.”

“Very easy to understand and taught the class very well…”

“Dr. Friebel was very enthusiastic and communicated the information very well. He was a very good instructor.”

“Dr. Friebel’s review class covered everything on the water resources section.”

“Water resources notes were great. I used them alot and felt very relaxed having them.”

“Dr. Friebel’s review class and notes seemed to cover all topics sufficiently and was easy to quickly reference during test.”

“Great preparation and notes.”

Emailed (from former students and complete strangers)

“I thought the afternoon was easier than the depth notes we were given as well, but again I don’t want to jinx myself.”

“I attended the review class for the test in April, and I know you said you like receiving emails when the results are in so I wanted to let you know that I passed the exam! I really do owe a lot of that to the review class and in particular your water resources review class. I always hated water resources and thought it would be one of the hardest sections on the test, but after taking the review class, I felt like it was one of the easiest sections. I thought that the tips you told us were very helpful, and I definitely used them during the exam. Thank you so much for taking an entire weekend away from your family to help us prepare for the exam. I really do appreciate it.”

“I told you I’d love to email you once the results came in and boy am I more than willing to email you now! I first want to thank you for the class. That weekend not only refreshed my water resources class in college but you instilled the confidence, that I feel, I needed for the exam. I never forgot your words of encouragement and to receive your pep talk the night before was perfect timing. That was the first page in my binder and I read it before the AM & PM sections. SO… I am writing to say thank you for the exam and give you the good news that I PASSED!!! I’m sure you spent many weekends away from the family to teach us and I can tell you that for me, your instruction worked. Thank you again for helping me achieve this milestone and really changing my career! I took the geotech section in the afternoon.”

“I took the review course at Newark this past spring.  I wanted to let you know that I passed and I really appreciated your review.  I took the Water Recourse portion of the exam and am extremely satisfied with the outcome.  To tell you the truth, I was also surprised I passed because I am not the best test taker.  It took me 3 times to pass the EIT and only once to pass the PE, and I can’t be more excited that I got that career advancement taken care of.  In fact I passed the EIT after I took a review class 5 years ago, so I owe a lot to the program.”

“The only way to be successful in the exam is solving more and more problems. Along with that it is also very important that you’re well organized for the exam. Taking all the books you have will only increase confusion and take away time from your exam. Rather take the books that you’re well versed with. During the exam it is very important that you solve the problems that you know first. Keep difficult problems for later. Dr. Friebel’s strategy of ranking the problems was spot on. It helped me and many other students a like. Good luck and keep on working!”

“I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Georgia released the results yesterday and I passed.  This was my third time taking the exam but this spring was the first time I have taken the School of PE class.  I feel like the class helped me tremendously.  Thank you again for what you do.”

“Wanted to drop you a note because you love getting them and I am beyond happy that i never have to sit and study or take the exam again! I know you know what it feels like but it feels damn good!”

“Overall this test (SP 14) was more qualitative than quantitative. I also took it in Fall 2013 and it was mostly problems more so than deifnitions or find this one line in the reference book so you know if it is true or false. Your section stuff was a breeze. I took Transportation as my discipline.”

“I used the method with do the easy ones first and then knock off from easy to hard after. it worked well, but i was deinfitley working hard the whole time in the morning and the whole time in the afternoon. the first half was easy and got through in less than half the time and then the others i still ended up making educated guess towards the end in morning and afternoon on probbably around 3 problems.”

“I took your review course.  I took the construction depth.  I agree with what you said and found the afternoon to be on par with the morning.  I thought the big difference was the morning had more quick, look-up type questions.  The morning water resource questions were fairly easy between your notes and the CERM.”


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