2009 Testimonials

“Dr. Friebel knew the material very well, communicated it to the class well and made the class enjoyable. I have not done any water resource work since college and I now feel like I have a very good general understanding of the subject and will do well with any questions on the exam.”

“Dr. Friebel provided countless helpful test taking tips and strategies.”

“Not only did Dr. Friebel know the material, he was able to teach it to the students so we understood it. He applied everything we learned to the PE test. He gave us test taking tips. He was by far one of the best teachers I have had.”

“I would recommend Dr. Friebel for future instructor courses.”

“I really felt that the water resource material was presented very well. Dr. Friebel was informative, seemed to really care that the students understood the material, gave great test tips, and made learning fun.”

“Dr. Friebel provided some great test taking tips, which I will use on the exam. Although I am not taking the depth in Water, he was able to provide great tips to complete the breadth section along with tips to pass any depth section. Great Instructor!!!!!”

“Dr. Friebel gave a lot of tips and things to focus on. Emphasized attention on the important things we need to remember.”

“Dr. Friebel did a fabulous job conveying the subject matter.”

“Dr. Friebel did a great job on explaining the material. He gave some useful tips on studying for the exam, which I appreciate a lot.”

“He did a really great job reviewing the information and gave some good tips on the overall process of taking the test.”

“I appreciated Dr. Friebel’s effort and incredible helping attitude. Also, the great value I give to the set of his advice’s on the test taking tactics. That was not surpassed by any advice I’ve heard so far.”

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