2008 Testimonials

“Thanks for all of the positive encouragement!”

“Dr. Friebel was awesome! He was very well organized and taught very well.”

“Dr. Friebel was dynamic! He was very attentive and he gave a lot of tips for solving the problems. He made the material was very easy to understand.”

“I was very impressed with Dr. Friebel. Really held my attention.

“Great review and great preparation tips leading up to the exam.”

“This instructor was the best instructor of the course. He was very knowledgable and challenged us.”

“Dr. Friebel was very good. He made the subject easy to understand and did not bore me. (I’m not taking this subject in the afternoon so I don’t have a lot of knowledge in this area). I have no suggestions for improvements, he is very good.”

“Great instructor. Learning was a breeze. I will recommend Dr. Friebel to anyone taking a PE exam.”

“Dr. Friebel was simply exceptional. He knows the subject, was patient, and was always available to answer questions.”

“Dr. Friebel did a very good job. Positive, upbeat attitude really helps.”

“Dr. Friebel did a great job in covering the material and gave some great pointers.”

“Dr. Friebel was very motivational.”