2012 Testimonials

“Dr. Friebel’s test taking tips were great and his genuine care for the students was evident. Couldn’t be better.”

“Dr. Friebel gave great “test-taking tips”. I was nervous about the test and whether the classes would prepare us enough, but after this class I felt relieved.”

“Dr. Friebel was amazing. He did a great job explaining the material and made the class enjoyable. He answered questions and interacted very well with the students.”

“Dr. Friebel explained the subject very well. After the lecture on Saturday, I worked problems from Lindeburg book and was able to work the problem. His shortcuts and tips were excellent.”

“Dr. Friebel was very straight-forward and understandable. I feel very confident and ready to Ace the Water Resource/Env section 🙂 Thanks to him for a great review.”

“Dr. Friebel lecture style was excellent. He assumed that the topics he covered were new to all of us giving us a chance to better understand the key topics. The notes were also organized such that they are easy to follow and referenced if needed. I believe that
Dr. Friebel lecturing style should be shared with other teachers. this would greatly improve the learning process.”

“Dr. Friebel broke everything down so he subject was much easier to digest. He’s the perfect instructor to put last because his teaching style and instructions inspire confidence 3-4 weeks before the exam.”

“Both Dr. Friebel and course material were above my expectations. I took a review course in the past and did not feel this confident this early.”

“This is my problem area and Dr. Friebel really helped me not be “fearfull” of the subject.”

“Probably the best review material and best taught review class. Dr. Friebel’s instruction was on point and test taking tips were beyond helpful.”

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