2010 Testimonials

“Dr. Friebel was so professional, and he made the hard job easy for me … I appreciate his efforts so much.”

“Dr. Friebel did a great job of keeping the class interactive, and delivering his subject knowledge clearly to the students.”

“Dr. Friebel is the best in my opinion. He was clear, concise and demonstrated profound knowledge of the subject area. He explained the problems with emphasis on how to think through and solve them with a level that I never would have been able to see on my own. I’m going into this exam very very confident in my ability to solve Water Resource problems.”

“Subject material was very hard for me personally, but Dr. Friebel was able to break it down in a way that made it much easier. Great instructor! He’s really there to help the students.”

“Dr. Friebel was phenomenal! Made the material easy to undersatnd, motivating, interesting and great test tips and practical advice. Excellent overall.”

“Dr. Friebel was excellent at conveying the information and had great insight into the exam and exam techniques.”

“Dr. Friebel has command of the subject and seems genuinely interested in the success of the students.”

“Made the class fun by keeping the class involved from question to question. Also related the material to our everyday lives, which made it interesting and kept us awake and involved.”

“Instructor gave great tips for: studying and study habit suggestions, sample test taking procedures, and test taking procedures.”

“I thought Dr. Friebel was an excellent instructor. He taught in such a manner which made water resource/environmental easy to understand. He was GREAT!”

“Dr. Friebel was an excellent teacher. Very thorough and took the extra time to help everyone understand the concepts.”

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