2013 Testimonials

“Dr. Friebel was a wonderful instructor. He was entertaining and very informative. The Water Resource/Env. Refresher Notes were great. They were organized thoughtfully and were extremely useful. I feel very prepared for the Water Resource/Env. portion of the PE Exam thanks to Dr. Friebel.”

“Lot’s of material to cover but very well taught! Simplified material to make it easy to grasp.”

“Dr. Friebel provided the best review section yet. His notes were very well organized and he did a great job of making a boring topic interesting. I feel like he understood that we don’t need to relive college but rather prepare for an exam. We need more instructors like him!”

“Instructor was awesome!”

“Wouldn’t change a thing. Dr. Friebel did a great job. Thanks.”

“Very organized. told us exactly what we needed to know. presented information very well. made sure we all understood how to do the problems. Keep up the good work.”

“Great material and presentation!”

“Dr. Friebel really put forth an extra effort to help people learn what they needed to know for the exam. Willing to stay after class to help explain problems or even concepts.”

“Best organized notes thus far.”

“Dr. Friebel explained things to me in a way it never had been prior to taking this class. Things I didn’t fully grasp in college were made much more clear than how my college professor presented the same material. That’s an amazing feat. Excellent instructor overall.”

“Dr. Friebel was great!”

“Gave great advice on what to study and how to study for the exam. glad to have him early on in the review sessions.”

“Great job! The class was well organized.”

“Made me feel very confident going into this exam.”

“One of the best School of PE instructors …”

“I’ve learned a lot in this class. Dr. Friebel was very clear with the topic and well organized with the materials. He’s an excellent teacher.”

“An exceptional instructor, I felt he really cared about our performance. I really hope he teaches the bonus depth session.”

“All I can say is excellent instructor…probably best one so far…was able to answer all questions and was willing to help as much as he could.”

“Dr. Friebel provided great advice for preparing and taking the exam.”

“Dr. Friebel was very helpful in test preparation tips and psychology of the PE test.”

“Instructor Friebel did A+ job. He, like most of the instructors, are doing this because the enjoy teaching and the paycheck is secondary.”

“Dr. Friebel was excellent. Very clear and made things understandable.

“He knows how to prioritize everything and become very practical. He was very effective. Great Job.”

“The instructor was well spoken and provided insightful discussion on not only the course material but also tips to improve our test taking ability during the exam.”

“Very knowledgeable Instructor – Fantastic Class!”

“Dr. Friebel did an amazing job teaching the water resource environmental material. The class was very informative and I feel like I got a full overview of what to expect on the exam.”

“Dr. Friebel is a great instructor. He took the time to explain and re-explain concepts, problems, etc. so that the ideas and methods are clear. He also pointed out great strategies for working these problems on the exam.”

“Best class/teacher out of all. Loved the way the notes were organized. Very easy to follow. Thank you Mr. Friebel.”

“Great Instructor! Kept everyone on track and had great tips.”

“Dr. Friebel was my favorite instructor yet. He explained everything well and I liked how he set up the class. I feel confident in my knowledge of water resources for the test. A+++”

“I thought this professor was very good – I definitely learned a lot from this professor.”

“This was one of the best lectures I have sat through. I am a structural and to actually “get” water for once in my life. Thank you Dr. Friebel! Cheers.”

“This instructor was AMAZING! I have not seen this material since college and he made it crystal clear.”

“Best teacher so far!!!”

“Instructor is excellent. Gave us pretty good tips for the exam. I also liked his positive attitude which boost us up ‘Bring it on’.”

“He had firm command of the subject matter.”

“Harry was a great instructor. He successfully simplified the subject matter and made the class enjoyable.”

“Instructor was well prepared and very thorough. More sample and workshop problems would be the only suggestion for improvement.”

“Dr. Friebel was an excellent instructor. His ability to clearly convey the subject matter and interact with the students was outstanding.”

Emailed (from former students and complete strangers)

“I wanted to drop a quick note to share that with your help I passed the April 2013 PE Exam. I attended the SOPE classes in Atlanta where you did an excellent job reviewing the course material. I took Transportation as my discipline but there were plenty of water resources problems in the PM too, just wrapped as transpo problems. Your review prepared me very well and I believe I may have answered every WRE problem correctly. I did buy your dictionary and it is great. You are a talented instructor whose genuine passion for teaching comes across, at least for me, in a way that is engaging for even the quick paced review of the SOPE. I wouldn’t change a thing about the material or your teaching style.”

“I used it to confirm 2 morning questions and 4 afternoon! I really felt it was a must have for the afternoon especially to help with those environmental terms.”

“I’m really glad your dictionary was helpful!  I used a scientific dictionary on my first attempt and it didn’t help with any words I looked up.”

“I used it on the NCEES practice exam and it was helpful.”

“I tabbed your dictionary and the CERM’s appendix with little tabs that have the alphabet. Probably saved me a few minutes at the end when I was scrambling for answers!”

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