2011 Testimonials

“Dr. Friebel was an excellent, interesting and brilliant instructor and his knowledge of the current exam format was a plus.”

“Dr. Friebel was excellent & also provided good tips w/ regards to studying & taking the exam. Much appreciated!!”

“Made the class really interesting. Kept the class always interested and I can tell I learned a lot.”

“Professor Friebel’s presentation was very straight-forward and helpful, a great review as someone who has a background in the field and will be taking it for the PM depth section. Thank you!”

“Dr. Friebel really TAUGHT the material in an effective way.”

“I had the NCEES water resources topics for the morning exam and material and Dr. Friebel covered all subjects. He explained subjects like we were on High School, I like it…That’s how you do it. He is very fresh in his ideas.”

“Thank you Dr. Friebel! I have been missing a few key tips in solving the problems.”

“Dr. Friebel genuinely cared about whether everyone understood the material before moving on to the next subject.”

“Dr. Friebel was great. Gave a good understanding of what to expect in Water Resources and some helpful general exam prep information as well.”

“Dr. Friebel was an excellent instructor. He was very knowledgeable of the subject material, simplified the solutions of review problems, provided valuable exam preparation tips and made the class enjoyable.”

“Best instructor that I have ever had. Dr. Friebel was great and made the problems easy.”

“I am taking the Water Resources/Env. depth examination. Dr. Friebel was incredibly helpful. His teaching methods were fantastic and he took the extra step to make sure that everyone in the room understood a subject before move onto a new topic.”

“Dr. Friebel knows how to teach, he answered all my questions, excellent professor!!”

“Dr. Friebel was able to make it easy to understand.”

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