How do I obtain a PE license?

Lots of time we run into people hopeful to sit for the PE exam – only to later learn they are not yet eligible.  Usually, the most common reason is not having enough working experience under the supervision of a PE.  Below is a 4-step, quick summary of what is necessary to become a professionally licensed engineer.

  1. Earn an engineering degree.  Your bachelors degree must come from an ABET-accredited engineering program.
  2. Next, you need to pass the FE exam and register the results with either NCEES or the state where you are planning to take the PE exam.
  3. Work under the supervision of a licensed PE for a minimum of 4 years after you pass the FE exam.
  4. Pass the PE exam and party like it’s 1999 – just kidding about the last part!

For additional questions, please see: PE questions answered.

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