How to study for PE exam?

Over the past few weeks I have been contacted numerous times by people planning on retaking the PE exam.  Their questions are excellent and I thought I’d share some of my communications with everyone.  Again, this advice is for people planning to retake the exam.

Here is my opinion on how I would approach the exam if I were you.  I would definitely take a concentrated (5-week) review course.  You are not too late.  Many do not start until early Feb. so you have time to think and sign up.  They offer on weekends, weekday or online so you are sure to find one that will fit your style.  Concentrated review course notes tend to be excellent!  Review courses cost $$$ so it a personal decision.

Studying the CERM alone is a very difficult path to passing.  It is simply filled with too much info, +90% will never be on the exam.  Concentrated courses will focus you on the high % topics & problems.  This is what you need to study & practice in order to pass exam!  I should know, I hear it from students that previously tried on their own and after failing a few times have decided to take a review course.  It can be done on your own, just a much more difficult path.

After the review course: practice problems, practice problems & practice more problems.  The more comfortable you are determining what they are asking, what info in a distraction, and what are the step you need to solve this problem, the better off you will be.  In my experience, these are the keys to passing the exam.

Good luck to everyone!  Send me an email and let me know how it all turns out after you pass the exam this spring.

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