How big is the PE exam table?

Harry here – As an PE review course instructor I often get asked about the exam room. Questions vary from:

How big is the exam table?” “How much room will I have for my books?” “How many people to a table?”

Well, if you are taking the exam in Delaware, you are in luck! Delaware recently posted a photo in their Winter 2014 newsletter of a previous FE exam in progress.


This is the same room for the PE exam, so this will give you a good idea of what to expect (at least in Delaware.) I assume similar States have similar exam rooms. Of course, every State and location will be slightly different.

Hopefully this photo will help reduce any anxiety regarding the PE exam conditions, chairs, table width, etc. – especially if this is your first time taking the exam.

Question: If you were seated in the back of the room, could you read the clock?

Answer: More on that in another post …

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