April 11, 2014 is your day!

Harry here – this is a special note to all my Spring 2014 students.

Several of you asked me to prepare a prep talk for tomorrows exam. However, I don’t think you need it an here’s why:

  1. You have sacrificed 5 spring weekends dedicated to School of PE instruction. You have trained your minds (and rear ends – HA!) to stay focused for 8 out of 9 hours. Think of the leg up you have over those that did not take a review course and trained themselves to stay focused.
  2. You have taken a dedicated review course that focuses on +90% of the material that will show up on your exam. Odds are very high that the question is covered in the notes. If not, consider that you may be confusing yourself or over-complicating the question. If too hard, simply step away and come back to it later.
  3. You have already learned & practiced the technique of reading the exam first and ranking the problems. Remember to solving the E (easy) ones first, then the M (medium) and finally the H (hard.)
  4. During your studying, you have already trained yourself to pay attention to what the question is asking you – especially the units!
  5. You are prepared. This is not a Ph.D. qualification exam. It is an exam to test the basics of engineering. Yes, there will be challenging problems but there will  also be some easy ones to balance the exam.
  6. You have the tools necessary to pass this exam. Bring your CERM, School of PE notes, reference texts, dictionary (A Dictionary of Civil, Water Resources & Environmental Engineering) and your calculator.

Remember to stay relaxed during the exam. You studied very hard, now approach tomorrows exam as a challenge. Remove all negative thoughts from your mind now! Remain positive until the final “pencils down” call Friday afternoon.

You should be very excited for tomorrow and not in any way timid. Be confident in yourself, you deserve to be. I believe in you, so should you! I’d wish you good luck but your so prepared you don’t even need it. Are your ready? Now go kick its A$$!

Please send me a note at harry at goldenratiopublishing.com after the exam and especially when you find out that you passed!

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