Time to prepare for your review class

Harry here – Most review classes have already started or will be starting next week. This is a perfect time to prepare for your class to help make the most of it!

If you are taking the Civil PE exam and attending School of PE (or similar review course) expect to cover one (1) subject each week/weekend. I recommend quickly reviewing the review course notes and applicable Civil Engineering Review Manual (CERM) chapters BEFORE you attend the subject class.

Please do not misunderstand me, I am not asking you to work practice problems beforehand. Rather, I want you to slowly: flip through at the notes, check out the CERM chapters, find the appropriate appendices and inspect the tables and figures. This way, when your instructor covers this material it will not be brand new to you.

The instructor will teach you how to use the equations, tables, etc., but you need to be able to find Appendix A-15 quickly. This will help save you time during the class, yielding extra time to learn other things that in the end you will probably find more important – such as how to solve for the critical depth. Make sense?

Apologies for being so quiet on the blog, I have been busy trying to finish the second book aimed at the 8 Water Resources & Environmental Engineering questions everyone will see during the morning (AM) portion of the exam.

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