Best method to carry books into PE exam?

Harry here – sometimes I get asked by my class what is the best way to carry books into the PE exam?

Frankly, my answer is simple and probably won’t cost you anything: simply use your airplane carry-on bag. It has wheels (so you won’t break a sweat with heavy lifting,) is compact (so you can put it under your desk or behind your chair,) has a zipper (so nothing will fall out,) and can be left open (keeping book spines upright.) Odds are you already own one of these … so why spend money unnecessarily on some hokey contraption?

Anyway, a friend sent me this photo of a custom made wooden rolling cart for the PE exam. I joking told them they should have been studying instead of blowing off steam building this (sorry I am a teacher.)


Check out one of the books (circled in red) in the cart: A Dictionary of Civil, Water Resources & Environmental Engineering. Back to the cart, they estimated their books weighing 48 lbs. and the cart another 10 lbs. The cart even had a little rope handle to pull it. Oh, what I would have given to see them walking up to the PE exam pulling this little book cart (like a Chihuahua on a leash!)

That would have taken the edge right off and calmed my nerves for sure!

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