Is a dictionary necessary for the PE exam?

Harry here – As some of you already know, I try to visit the PE exam message boards and help out when I can (albeit not as frequent as I would hope due to other commitments.) A while back I was reading a post from a former School of PE student and forgot to post their comments here. Anyway, I thought you might find what they had to say very interesting

“I took SoPE online. I don’t think you were the instructor though. I’ll confess, I was told by a collegue who took the class in person the that a SoPE prof advised to take the PPI exam a couple weeks out and expect to fail but then take the NCEES exam later to regain confidence as it was more indicative of the actual difficulty (which made waay too much sense). If that was your tip – thanks it worked. As an “older” examinee, I did get lots of encouragement and tips from folks almost half my age who raved about SoPE. That’s also where I learned of your dictionary. I believe I used it for about 4 answers, so another thanks to you. …”

I am very pleased the dictionary helped them on their exam – that’s a complete stranger writing on a message board. If interested in a dictionary for the PE exam, check out: A Dictionary of Civil, Water Resources & Environmental Engineering

You can read the entire post conversation here:

I am unsure if you need to be logged in or not. By the way, I recommend joining Engineer Boards, it’s both FREE and full of good information regarding the exam.


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